How long does a session take?

Generally, 1 hour, except in special cases such as small children or simple sports injuries. Expect to leave an hour and a quarter after your appointment time.

Can I come to the session if I´m feeling sick?

No, manual techniques are contraindicated if there is an infection. Avoid coming if you have a fever or feel sick. Remember that you should always go to the doctor to rule out ailments that do not fall within the scope of physiotherapy. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can rearrange the schedule, we will set another appointment as soon as you are feeling better. Thank you!

What are the rates and payment methods?

Price per session 45 € (1 hour).

Voucher for five sessions 200 €. The vouchers are valid for one year.

Children's Sacro Cranial Therapy sessions are about 45 minutes and have a
reduced price of 35 €.

You can pay in cash or by credit card.

How is a session conducted?

If this is your first appointment, first of all we will sit down to listen and note the reasons for your visit. We will do a detailed review of your general health. We don’t want to overlook any information that may be important.

We will then do a physical examination of your posture and overall movement, and then focus on the areas that seem relevant.

Finally, we will move on to treatment. No two sessions are the same, just as no two people are the same. Myofascial Induction techniques are generally very slow, relaxing and painless. Our commitment is to work as gently and respectfully as possible. Our goal is to achieve the relief as quickly and as long lasting as we can.

What am I expected to do?

If possible, bring clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move freely. We will ask you to uncover the area we need to treat, if you have no objection; we have blankets to make sure you do not get cold. It is also advisable to remove large earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc. during the session.

Please turn off or silence your cell phone. Especially for your own sake.

Apart from that, we just need you to act as naturally as possible. Ask all the questions you need, move or change your position whenever you feel like it. Yawn, cough, scratch, stretch… all of this helps you and leads us. And above all, relax and enjoy the journey.

What would you advise me to do after the session?

You will leave SanaSana with a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. A walk after the session is optimal. If you have to go to work, try not to have anything too stressful immediately afterwards. Be careful if you must drive.

You can do as much sport as you want after the session unless we advise you otherwise. We will probably recommend some specific exercise or stretching.

We will advise you to drink plenty of water for the first two or three days after the session. This will help the results to be optimal and protect your kidneys.

Those first days your body will continue woeking to rebalance the areas and processes that we have treated. You may notice unusual sensations. In a few days you will return to normal and feel the benefits of the treatment.


How often will the sessions be scheduled?

It depends a lot on the type of injury and how much it conditions your normal life. The minimum time between sessions is usually one week, but we tend to space them further apart, up to three weeks or a month.

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